If you’re a student in Glasgow then we would be delighted to meet you and to welcome you into the wider family of St Silas.




A good number of us at St Silas have been students in the city, so we know what its like to juggle campus and church life. We hope that students at St Silas find it a positive experience to be part of our varied church family, sharing in our ministries and activities, and making friends with working people, families and children.

Being just a stone's throw from the University of Glasgow, at St Silas we have good links with the Christian Unions, Navigators and Friends International. Roots, our bible study and fellowship group on Wednesday evenings at St Silas, is particularly aimed at young adults and students. You would be very welcome to join us there, and to attend our student lunches throughout the year.


International Students

We understand that if you have come from far away to study in Glasgow you may be feeling homesick and culture-shocked. 

We warmly welcome you to our church services, where a number of international student Christians have found their spiritual community while away from home and make a big contribution to our life together.

We also welcome you to the Silas Internationals’ Café most Thursday evenings from 7.30-9.30 pm where we chat, drink tea and coffee or have a meal, discuss topics and culture, have fun, and there is an opportunity to explore Christianity if you want.

You can find more information on this flyer, or contact Martin at  if you have any questions. 



Students at St Silas