Building in the Past

In 1864, St Silas' was built by a group of people with a vision to see a church in this part of Glasgow. A church where people might find the Bible preached and where they might come to faith in Jesus Christ. In the 1890's a new hall was built to help in these aims. Over the last twenty years, we have believed that God has called us to develop the building he has given us. We reordered the sanctuary, replacing the pews with flexible seating, installing a new dais and decorating in brighter colours. A few years later, we installed a much-needed new heating system. We then installed a new kitchen in a disused area of the sanctuary. Finally we built two new rooms in the sanctuary. All along, we wanted to make the building work for a 21st century congregation. As we stepped out in faith, we were constantly reminded that the Lord provided all that we needed.

Building in the Present

Our sanctuary space serves us well, but we have a pressing need for more space for our many additional activities: for our work with children and young people; for meetings; for more and better toilet facilities; for offices: to provide a hub to reach out to the community. Our access and facilities for people with disabilities are inadequate.

Building for the Future

The plan is to replace the current hall with a new facility that will be more appropriate to a 21st century culture. It will incorporate a large hall, three meeting rooms, storage space, four offices, a new kitchen, a café area and disabled access to both floors. We will also install much-needed additional toilets and a shower in one of the rooms in the sanctuary as well as a disabled toilet and baby-changing area in the room opposite the present toilets. Entrance to this new facility would be by an attractive ramp which will reuse some of the stone from the existing hall. The round window in the hall will also be retained as an architectural feature and link with the past. In addition, 10% of the total target of £1.5 million is earmarked as a fund for development around the world, as part of our commitment to mission. It is time to believe in miracles. It is time to think, plan, pray and then pledge what we discern God is calling us to give. That discernment will come as we spend time in prayer and responsible planning; and the fruit of it will be found in a sense of peace, joy and a settled conviction about what we have decided to do - not a sense of guilt or duty. 'God loves a cheerful giver'. It is also time to Build for the Future. All being well, in less than eighteen months from Pledge Day, the new building will be complete. This Pledge Campaign is our opportunity to step out in faith once more. Once the project is ended, our building will continue - in praise and people; in welcoming and working; in repentance and resting - as we seek to see the Lord build a Church which serves and reaches out to a broken world.