Where we are now?

St Silas' faith-building for this project began in earnest in 1999, when the Vestry began to explore the possibility of redeveloping the hall. Since then we have faced numerous challenges, both practical and spiritual, as we have reached for the permission to have our hopes and plans to build realised. The process has taken longer than we expected, with the key stages of planning permission becoming protracted before reaching a successful outcome. From the outset, we believed that this project needed to reflect our attitude as a church towards giving. In other words, as we built something here that we would use, we would also help build projects in other parts of the world. For example, in recent years we have committed to a project in Tufa, Ethiopia which provides clean drinking water for a whole community. 10% of the total cost of "Building for the Future" will be committed to supporting similar projects . Now we are ready to focus on the next stage - Building for the Future.

What happens now?

We have planning permission and now await appropriate building warrants. Before we can put our plans out to tender to builders, we need to ensure that the financial resources to go ahead will be available. The next major stage in our building plans will be our Pledge Campaign. Our current target for Building for the Future, which includes the building work and establishing a 10% fund for development projects around the world, is 1.5 million. We now need to consider how much we can give to take us close to our target and minimise our need to borrow funds. This Pledge pack has been put together to help you think, pray, plan and promise. This project will only go ahead when we give additionally and sacrificially. Those who cannot give anything financially may want to focus on fundraising activities as their support, either as a participant or an organiser. Time is as valuable as money. We want to encourage sacrificial giving, both with time and money. Be generous, but don't be dangerous! Be audacious, not rash or reckless!

What will it look like?

The main artist's impression is on the front page of this site and below is a mockup of how the hall will look next to the Church and adjacent buildings. There are also layout plans on the drawings page.