Preparing to Build
THINK carefully about your finances. If you don't already have a plan of your income and expenditure, use the Working Out a Budget form.

PLAN ahead and consider all the options available to you. Choose those which suit you best and read the information on How to Give. Think about the different ways to give, both financially and through fundraising.

PRAY for God to speak to you and lead you. Listen to God: don't pledge out of guilt or fear, but out of love and commitment.

PROMISE with a confident, generous, spiritual heart and mind. God loves a cheerful giver.

Fundraising - Creative Ways To Help Build For the Future

Fundraising is proclaiming what you believe in,
and proclaiming it in such a way that you offer the other person
an opportunity to participate in your vision …
so it is precisely the opposite of begging.
It is not saying, "please, we have a problem, could you help us out?"
It's saying, "we have a vision that is so exciting that we
are giving you the opportunity of participating in that vision
with the resources that God has given you."

- Henri Nouwen

Fundraising is a means of offering others the chance to contribute to God's vision for St Silas'. For Christian friends it's a chance to invest in a vision of bringing more people to know God, while for non-church people it's an opportunity to support our vision for expanding our important community activities such as parent and toddler groups, and activities for young people. The fabulous thing about fundraising is that we are all potential fundraisers. We all have ideas, talent and some of us also have time that we can use to raise money. If you are not able to give financially, or can't give as much as you would like, you could be a fundraiser. There are lots of ways to fundraise, and as long as it's legal, there's almost nothing you can't do. So get those creative juices working. Think: what talents do you have? What talents would you like to have? What would people be willing to give to see you do, or not do? (We do ask you to get sponsorship from people outside church, otherwise it will be the same people being asked to give repeatedly.) Here are a few starting points …

Action fundraising

Parachute jumps. Dragon-boat racing. Overseas treks. Whitewater rafting. All these events are available and very easy to organize through Pick your activity, and get some sponsors. It really is that simple, and it's fantastic fun.

Event organising

Are you the kind of person who organises parties or get togethers at work or with friends? If so, please consider organising an event in aid of Building For The Future. It would be great to have a Building For The Future Hogmanay Celebration or St Andrew's Day - any day, we don't mind …


St Silas' is blessed with a congregation of many talents. Why not organize a piano recital, a fashion event or a ceilidhs for Building For The Future?. Arty? Why not organise a craft event? Good in the kitchen? Why not cook a meal for friends, for the price of a meal out? Jam making, photography, fixing computers, cleaning ovens … whatever your gift, somebody somewhere will pay good money for it. The Building For The Future team will collect a list of people's available talents and promote them.

Activity and sports

There are many different sporting activities that can be done for charity. From funruns to marathons, it's good for you and a great way of raising money.

Instead of Presents

Is your house full of well-meaning but unwanted gifts? If so please consider asking friends and family for donations to Building for the Future in lieu of birthday and Christmas presents.

The Zany Fundraiser

So you really think you've got no talents, you can't walk a leg of a marathon and you need all your Christmas pressies. Well, there's nothing else for it, it's a bath of beans for you. Do something loud, funny, silly, ridiculous; shave your head, see how many marshmallows you can eat in an hour, do a sponsored silence, dye your eyebrows orange. As we said, everyone is a fundraiser - even you.

Notes on sponsorship

A traditional sponsorship form is one way to get sponsorship. However, a more hassle-free way is to use You can set up a mini-website to explain your activity and send an email to potential sponsors - wherever they are in the world. The websites collect and give the money straight to Building For The Future (including reclaiming Gift Aid where appropriate), so there's no chasing needed and your sponsorship money won't get confused with your shopping money. Simple.

Making a fundraising commitment

To include fundraising in your Building For The Future Promise, complete the fundraising (Method 3) part of the Promise Form.
There are several ways you can give to Building for the Future:

  • A standing order from your bank direct to the church's bank account
  • Lump sum payments
  • Gifts of shares
  • Give As You Earn schemes
  • Longer term pledges (eg legacies and endowments)

How to Give

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and you Gift Aid your donation, the church is able to claim back the tax on that amount (currently 22% but will reduce to 20% in April 2008). Please complete the Gift Aid section of the Pledge Form if it is relevant to you.

Higher Rate Tax Payers

You can get additional tax relief on the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate to add to your Building for the Future giving.


Please be reassured that any gifts you make will be treated with the highest confidence.

Standing Order

This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to give. It enables the church to plan its finances with clear knowledge of the income we will receive.

  • To set up a Building for the Future standing order, please fill in the Standing Order Form and hand it in.
  • If you are a UK tax payer we can recover tax on all your gifts, present and future. Please remember to indicate this on the Promise Form.

Lump Sum Gifts

One-off gifts are, of course, gratefully received. Please make cheques payable to 'St Silas' Episcopal Church'. If you are a UK tax payer, remember to indicate this on your Promise Form so we can claim Gift Aid on your donation.

Gifts of Shares

If you would like to make a donation of shares to Building for the Future, please contact Robert Swinfen (0141 339 3466).

Give As You Earn Schemes (GAYE)

Some employers operate a scheme allowing you to give to designated charities through their payroll. The church gets a monthly report from GAYE. This is a really effective way of giving as we receive the tax immediately - so it's worth finding out if your employer operates the scheme.


Gifts can be made during one's lifetime and also afterwards. Gifts can consist of a specified amount or a share of the remainder of your estate. Assets passing to charities on death are free from inheritance tax.