Mission Partners We Support

St Silas is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and to seeing His kingdom advance.

One of the ways we do this is by giving 15% of the offering each year to support ‘missionaries’. We recognise that although everyone who follows Jesus is called to live and speak for him in every area of life, some are called to serve and share the gospel amongst a specific group of people as part of their paid work.

Please read on to find out a bit about some of the people we support financially, the work they are involved with and how we can be praying for them.

Yvonne Mildred, SIM – Ghana

yvonne mildredI’ve been part of St Silas since coming to Glasgow to do a Masters in Development Economics in 1988. I’ve volunteered with SIM as a missionary since around the same time. My work, at the request of Pastors of churches in West Africa, is to help West African Christian Business people manage their businesses well, be they micro or larger. Then as local wealth and employment increases, their churches, through theirs and their employees giving, can financially support the missionaries God is calling out of West Africa. Huge challenge! I concentrate on encouraging biblical values in business relationships; and on good financial management. I raise awareness about God being a missionary God and his West African missionaries’ needs of encouragement, love, prayer and financial help. And I try to be a close follower of Jesus, myself. It all seems very impossible, but God is able.

Darren Jackson - Navigators

I have been working with the Navigators in Glasgow since 2010 after leaving Structural Engineering. I currently lead the work in Glasgow, where we primarily work with students to equip them in being and making disciples with a focus of doing this among their non-Christian friends. We hope to raise a generation of men and women who have a vision for Christ, life and people in all walks of life. I also volunteer a day a week as a counsellor after retraining in this over the past 4 years.

Kathryn & Karen Campbell [not related!] - The Wheel Trust, Glasgow

The Wheel Trust is a Scripture Union Associate Trust whose vision is to enable the 2,500 plus young people of secondary school age in the West End of Glasgow who mostly have little or no connection to the local churches to be educated about the Christian faith, with the opportunity to explore and experience the claims of Jesus for themselves. Kathryn was appointed as Youth Ministry Team Coordinator in 2006 and Karen joined in 2013. They have been developing the ministry by working with the support of existing church based youth workers, partner churches and their pool of volunteer workers, in school, church and community settings, seeking opportunities to meet the social, moral, emotional, physical, intellectual & spiritual needs of young people and children in Glasgow’s West End.

Mike & Helen Parker, MECO

mikeandhelen-mecoMike has led Middle East Christian Outreach over the last three and half years, and MECO has recently joined with SIM (Serving in Mission). Mike's now SIM's Middle East Director, with a focus on supporting colleagues who work in Middle East countries. They work with local church and agencies in the region, and their aim is to encourage them in their witness to Christ at this very demanding time. As Star Wars fans know, "This is our chance to make a real difference" (Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Rogue One). Our prayers, interest and support for brothers and sisters are absolutely vital at this time of transition, violence and re-alignment in the region and more widely.

Susie Reid, New Destiny – Brazil

Susie ReidI’ve been part of St Silas since 1993 when I returned home to take up my first Maths teaching post. I have had a variety of jobs in a variety of settings – never quite finding my niche but gathering a toolbox of skills which are enormously helpful now. New Destiny is based in a converted farm – we offer the space and beauty of the countryside, activities and encouragement to underprivileged children. We have two strands to our work: weekend camps for kids from the city slums and ‘Transformers’ - our work with the local kids from a nearby favela. My role is varied – and will increase when my grasp of Portuguese increases! I am housekeeper, cleaner, bed maker, kombi driver, first aider, joint leader of the 2 girls’ Transformer groups and camp film producer. We have recently started up a prayer room/church in the local favela every Friday night. Our aim is to help kids to realise that God has a purpose for their lives and that there is hope for themselves, their families and their drink and drug imprisoned communities.

D and M - Scripture Union – Tajikistan

Along with their children they are involved in the rapidly growing Scripture People (SU) in Tajikistan. U is an essential member of the staff team, thanks in part to the generosity of St. Silas. Together they run: after school games & craft club for older school pupils; afternoon club for young mothers and babies; Bible study evenings for young volunteers. D has a very popular motor bike club attracting many young lads and there’s also a football club. During the summer months, when the heat can be well over 40°, many of the young volunteers help with the building of summer home where they work very hard but also enjoy lots of fun, laughter, good friendships and fellowship learning about their Lord. Praise the Lord for new opportunities and pray for wisdom and protection.

Glasgow City Mission

Over the years, many people from St Silas have been involved with Glasgow City Mission as volunteers or staff. GCM work with adults and children who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in Glasgow, people that are often leading chaotic or difficult lives. That may involve; homelessness, addiction, poverty, family breakdown, prostitution and emotional issues. GCM is essentially a group of Christians passionate about the people that look to them for help and want to share a message of compassion and hope.